Joseph Danny

Naomi's Village Website (2017)

Case Study Logo Design Photography Responsive Design UX Website Design

An updated logo, photography, and website for Naomi's Village, a children's home in Nairobi, Kenya. These updates would help streamline sponsorships and donations for the children at Naomi's Village.



On my visit to Kenya, I photographed the home and its children, as well as areas throughout Kenya. Photographs were used in marketing materials as well as in Art for Hope, an annual fundraiser held in Texas that helps raise funds for Naomi's Village. The fundraiser features a mixture of artwork, including paintings, photography, and mixed media projects put up for auction.

Child portrait Child portrait Children portrait Child portrait Child portrait Child portrait Giraffes at the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya Maasai Mara tribesmen building a fire

Site Flow & Admin Portal Wireframes

A new site flow was established, reducing friction in both the Sponsor and Donate pipelines.

The updated website included an Admin portal for updating key pages. Wireframes (shown below) were put together to establish its structure. (The backend for this portal was built by a developer I was collaborating with.)

To make development cost effective, each admin page with controls followed the same scheme: Landing page; table with entries; entries editable through a dialog. The dialog's layout would virtually the same from section to section.

Site flow Admin portal wireframe Admin portal wireframe Admin portal wireframe Admin portal wireframe Fundraisers page wireframe

Website Design

Much of the website's content was already defined at this point (from the previous website). It was refined for the updated version.

For the color scheme, I chose colors that were representative of Africa. The updated website is colorful, modern, and has less visual clutter than the previous. The paths for sponsoring children and donating to fundraisers and projects were streamlined.

Home page design Our History page design Sponsor a Child page design Donate page design Responsive design Admin portal design Admin portal design Admin portal design